How to get WhatsApp Calling Feature Now

How to get WhatsApp Calling Feature Now

WhatsApp is likely to introduce the calling function in its app before long. This feature will allow individuals to talk to their WhatsApp contacts when using the cellular data connection or maybe Wi-Fi. This means they won’t have to cover the call charges. Only the data charges will apply, irrespective of your location calling.

This is similar to Skype or Viber. But considering the consumer base of WhatsApp this can be a big deal.

The feature is just not yet officially available. But you will discover people using the dialling feature in WhatsApp therefore you too get it today, with a little chunk of luck.

But before we discuss the luck part, this is what you must do to get the dialling feature in WhatsApp:

You must have an Android phone that is certainly running Android Lollipop. In fact now, we are not even sure if the feature works on your non-Nexus phones or definitely not. So it is even better for those who have Android Lollipop on a Nexus device.

Uninstall WhatsApp.

Head over to WhatsApp. com and down load the app from right now there. This means you can get the latest app. That is an APK file.

Once you know how to install the APK file install it. If not, follow these kinds of steps: Got to Android Perform Store > Install ES Document Explorer > Open ES File Explorer > Go to the downloaded APK > Put in WhatsApp APK

When you have the latest version of WhatsApp in case your phone has Android Lollipop, you need to find an agent who has already got the WhatsApp dialling feature. Ask around, ask your friends on Twitter and Facebook if any of them have the dialling feature.

Ask the person who already has the WhatsApp feature activated to provide a WhatsApp call.

After you get the call, a similar feature will also get activated with your phone. It will indicate different tabs for shows and calls. And you will definately get a phone call button in a very chat window.

Now this is actually the luck part. The feature doesn’t get activated for you. It looks like WhatsApp remains to be testing it and possibly the users who obtain call from someone exactly who already has WhatsApp calling feature are becoming it randomly. Chances are that once you get a WhatsApp call, you too will probably receive the feature. But if you never, then you will have to wait for a couple more weeks. It is expected that this calling feature in WhatsApp will likely be available soon.